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3/23/15 -- CRA: M&T withholds its answers for more than a week. Federal Reserve must be more transparent. Bank Bank: Eye of Pac West bid for Square 1. UN - Global: On Yemen, Emergency UNSC Meeting After 5 Weeks & Bombings. Enviro: the justice Atlas. Bronx: Gentrification by Chetrit and Somerset in Port Morris.

3/16/15 -- CRA: Fed Belatedly Asks M&T About Discrimination, OCC Asks Sterling on CRA. Federal Reserve more specific on Sterling / Hudson Valley. Bank Beat: IMF Says It Will Answer on Yemen After Stabilizes, As Talks of Calm in Bangladesh; On Sri Lanka, IMF Tells ICP External Debt Cost's Issue for Creditors, Not It. UN - Global: UN Tells Peacekeepers CAR Is Not Dangerous, To Limit Their Pay. Enviro: NEJAC on Clean Power Plan rule. Bronx: Whither Jerome Avenue re-zoning?

3/9/15 -- CRA: Citigroup dumps CitiFinancial on Springleaf, the old American General. Federal Reserve's Tarullo reigns in NY Fed, Eugene Ludwig on complexity. Bank Bank: The Too Big To Fail get bigger. UN - Global: As Bangladesh Cancels Press Accreditations, UN Does Nothing, Not Involved. Enviro: Swine waste case in Carolina. Bronx: What'll Parks & Rec's Silver do with all the Bronx parks ideas?

3/2/15 -- CRA: Testimony against CIT - OneWest. Federal Reserve: More withheld under FOIA, appealed. Bank Beat: Branch closing frenzy, UNnamed financial reporting service. UN - Global: On Bangladesh, ICP Asks UN of Murdered Blogger Avijit Roy, UN-free Press. Enviro: de Blasio in PlaNYC outreach. Bronx: Post Office to be named for Badilla?

2/23/15 -- CRA: CIT's Thain Met Fed 3 Weeks Before OneWest Merger, FOIA Shows, Redactions. Federal Reserve meets insiders, brags of 4 application approvals in a week. Bank Beat: IMF Talks Up Ukraine Program, On Libya No Answer, Of Yemen's Poor. UN - Global: On Bangladesh, ICP Asks UN How Reviews Peacekeepers, If Meet Zia. Enviro: Fight for a creek in Tijuana. Bronx: From “Hunts Point Lifelines” to the Bronx River

2/16/15 -- CRA: Coverage of HSBC money laundering misses Household Finance predatory lending connections. Federal Reserve asks First Horizon questions about TrustAtlantic. Bank Beat: M&T faces pre-trial conference April 7. UN - Global: After Selling UN Jobs in DRC & Haiti, Cote d'Ivoire Deputy Still in UN. Enviro: Tulane EJ conference. Bronx: Why is City opposing waste equity bill?

2/9/15 -- CRA: With CIT OneWest Merger Under Fire, Hearing Feb 26 by Fed & OCC. Federal Reserve belatedly releases its merger schmoozing. Bank Beat: Sterling - Valley National is dubious, highly dubious. UN - Global: UN Jobs Sold By Ivorian Mission in Ladsous' UN Peacekeeping, Leaks to ICP Show. Enviro: Anti-fracking march in Oakland. Bronx: African Advisory Group.

2/2/15 -- CRA: in New York fair lending, Five Star settles, Evans fights. Federal Reserve privatizes FOIA? Bank Beat: Community National in the spotlight. UN - Global: Jan 30 Exclusive: For UN on Middle East, Mladenov to Replace Serry, More Coming. Enviro: Railroad and RCRA case. Bronx: Hand-over of Fulton Correctional Facility.

1/26/15 -- CRA: OneWest tries to spin eviction of widows. Federal Reserve asked of FOIA delay. Bank Beat: RBC - City National, Cathay General - Asia Bank. UN - Global: On Ukraine, NZ Wants More “Purposeful” UNSC Engagement, Including Behind Closed Doors. Enviro: Volatile Organic Compounds. Bronx: In Obama's SOTU Box

1/19/15 -- CRA: So nomination of Lazard's Weiss, which ICP questioned in Nov, was withdrawn - but still a Treasury adviser? Federal Reserve belatedly provides parts of an application, do false withholders benefit? Bank Beat: Mergers in Washington State, Texas and Louisiana. UN - Global: For OCHA Race, Outside Input Banned As UAE Joins Germany, Italy, UK 3. Enviro: In SF, Candlestick will not be imploded. Bronx: Backpacks for the homeless: when and where

1/12/15 -- CRA: With CIT Merger Under Fire, OneWest Asks Wall Street to Lobby Yellen. For Federal Reserve, Obama Taps Landon, Evader of HMDA, Impropriety at FHLB of Seattle. Bank Beat: Fights against ING Vysya Bank in India, Hana and KEB in South Korea. UN - Global: Jailing of Journalists in Myanmar, Saudi Flogging Blogger, Turkey and Kuwait Raised at UN by the Free UN Coalition for Access. Enviro: Critique of Cap n' Trade, from Oakland. Bronx Gentrification Conference.

1/5/15 – CRA: Non-timely notice undermines enforcement. Federal Reserve non-responsive to public inquiries about merger proposals. Bank Beat: RBS under fire for predatory lending. UNGlobal: After ICC Papers In, Palestine Tells ICP Retroactive to Gaza, Nigeria Excused? Enviro: From Chester case, Pennsylvania EJ. Bronx: A Department leaves the public in the cold.

12/29/14 – CRA: Public comments ignored by FHFA on merger of Federal Home Loan Banks of Des Moines and Seattle. Federal Reserve: As CIT Says Wait For Its CRA Plan, Federal Reserve's New Precedent? Bank Beat: Raid on Doral bank. UN – Global: ICP Exclusive: UN Gave Its Staff's Dollars to Sudan, Falsely Blamed on US Sanctions. Enviro: Implosion of Candlestick Park in SF and particulate matter. Bronx: After Killings of Police in NYC & Calls to Curb Protests, "Complex Politics"

12/22/14 -- CRA: CIT Says Don't Worry About Loss Shares, ICP reports. Federal Reserve “disappears” Bank of Kentucky application by BB&T. Bank Beat: OneWest Loss Shares details by CRC. UN - Global: On Sri Lanka, Silva Memories In Front of Ball of UNCA, Run by Kohona's Ex-Landlord. Enviro: RIP to EJ hero Daymon Morgan in Kentucky. Bronx: Brownfield on Exterior Street.

12/15/14 -- CRA: With FOIA Reforms Blocked by Bank Lobbyists, Silence by NYT, Reuters. Federal Reserve says comments led to it doing a “redlining review” on Midland - Heartland. Bank Beat: With IMF Reform Not in CRomnibus, Lagarde to Fight Back - in January. UN - Global: From Haiti, 2d Video of UN Shooting Protesters, Threatening Media, Censors Award. Enviro: UN censorship at climate talks in Peru. Bronx: After Eric Garner & Mike Brown, Marching in the Streets, UN on the Margin

12/8/14 -- CRA: Aiming for deregulation, OCC tells witnesses not to talk about CIT - OneWest. Federal Reserve asks CIT about GSEs, the answer here. Bank Beat: HEI and NextEra Energy plan to ditch a bank. UN - Global: At UN, 2d Sovereign Debt Restructuring Resolution Passes 128-16-34, ICP Asks Argentina & Bolivia. Enviro (in)justice in Philly. Bronx: After Eric Garner Non-Indictment, ICP Asks UN, Hits the Streets

12/1/14 -- CRA: After Predatory Bender, search for de-regulation under EGRPRA starts again. Federal Reserve Asks CIT of Repos & Risk, Dudley's Spin. Bank Beat: Deals in IA-MN, NC-VA, HI. UN - Global: On Police Brutality, UNCAT Speaks on Chicago, Silent on Mike Brown, Ferguson. Enviro: Secret plans of ArcelorMittal. Bronx: Wi-fi over payphones?

11/24/14 - CRA: Premature OCC report of approving CIT - OneWest is called a mistake. Federal Reserve: As FRBNY's Dudley Spins Regulatory Capture, Of CIT, BB&T, Susquehanna Next. Bank Beat: Florida Bank Group, or Old Florida Bancshares? You decide. UN - Global: UN Rights Chief Zeid Faces Staff Protests, Lack of Transparency in NY, Leaks. Enviro: EPA was at Geneva on CERD, now Berkeley preparing UPR. Bronx: Talk of Ebola's spread in Africa

11/17/14 - CRA: Shameful rubber-stamp of CIT / OneWest by OCC. Federal Reserve faces regulatory capture hearing in Senate. Bank Beat: Beginning of the story on BB&T. In Burkina Faso, IMF Tells ICP Mission Off Until Recognized Govt. UN - Global: On Ebola, IMF Tells ICP Epidemic into 2d Half of 2015, More Funds Needed. Enviro: Of LA and Exide. Bronx: BP starting over, at least with press

11/10/14 - CRA: Comments on the Q&A, branch closings. Federal Reserve: After CIT Is Forced To Release Cash Flow & Risk Mgmt, ICP Slams Both. Bank Beat: New Deals, Massachusetts and Banner / AmericanWest. UN - Global: As Sierra Leone President Jails Journalist for Ebola Reporting, What Will UN Do? Enviro: Ecuador, US State Department and Chevron. Bronx: Brownfield on West Farms Road

11/3/14 - CRA: In LA, CIT admits no loans to African Americans, responds with letter of support from LAPD. Federal Reserve previous regulatory laxity cited as precedent by CIT. Bank Beat: Deals in TN - NC, Wisconsin, Louisiana - Florida (redux), Oklahoma, West Virginia into Pittsburgh, and Tennessee. UN - Global: In Burkina Faso, US Warns Army Against Taking Advantage, UN UNclear. Enviro: EJ group in Brooklyn uses unpaid interns. Who does this exclude? Bronx: In'tl Coquito Tasting Federation

10/27/14 -- CRA: First Niagara closing branches, after regulators let them buy slew from HSBC. Federal Reserve plays coy with online contacts. Bank Beat: Lloyds to close 200 branches in the UK, Fair Finance Watch on the case. UN - Global: On Haiti Cholera, UN Confirms Hearing, Briefing Privatized, Lang Lang No Update. Enviro: Conflictive countries. Bronx: Amid Barnes & Noble News, Is it “Last” Brick & Mortar Bookstore in The Bronx?

10/20/14 - CRA: After CIT Is Forced To Release CRA Plan, ICP Slams It & "Clawback" Redactions. Federal Reserve Withholding “Resolution Plan” for Too Big To Fail CIT. Bank Beat: Toronto Dominion employee scammed on sexual harassment and whistleblower cases. UN - Global: For UNSC Turkey Loses with 60, Spain 132, NZ 145, Venezuela, Angola, Malaysia (more here on Beacon Reader). Enviro: EU Says Sri Lanka Engaged in Illegal Fishing, Western Sahara Ignored. Bronx: Casita Maria's 80th year, Mirian Friedlander remembered.

10/13/14 -- CRA: As Valley National Bank Redlines, OCC Gets Vague Bronx Commitment, Rubber Stamps. After Federal Reserve Exposed, CIT Gives ICP Redacted Letters to FRBNY, Regulatory Capture. Bank Beat: IMF Press Conference Has Syria Questions from USAID, Yemen & Mali Qs Ignored. UN - Global: Somalia & Eritrea Monitor Resigns, Exposed Using UN to Press Regime Change. Enviro: Bridgeport votes against coal. Bronx against Stericycle waste transfer station in Port Morris

10/6/14 -- CRA: After ICP Protest, CIT - OneWest Fed comment period extended to Oct 10, OCC Oct 17. Federal Reserve subject to Senate hearing calls after leaks. Bank Beat: Mergers we're looking at, and IMF Weighs Financial Inclusion in Kenya, But Not Elsewhere, Ghana Update. UN - Global: After French DefMin Le Drian Met UN's Ban & Ladsous, No Read-Out, Used CAR. Enviro: Greenpeace v Obama on fossil fuels. Bronx: Lawsuit on mold in Morris housing project

9/29/14 - CRA: As US Releases 2013 Mortgage Data, Disparities at Citi & Chase, Protests of CIT. Federal Reserve Exposed by Whistleblower Segarra; FOIA Requests Show CIT Capture. Bank Beat: On Ghana, IMF Tells ICP Visit Ongoing, 1/2 Answer on Ukraine. UN - Global: Ladsous Demands Press Stop Filming at Stakeout, FUNCA Says No, Ladsous Walks Off with Scribes. Enviro: At People's Climate March, Bronx Floats & BofA Ban Ki-moon, UN's 2bl Game. Bronx: Brownfields and CPL 240

9/22/14 -- CRA: Redlining promoted by Q&A, branch closures concealed. Federal Reserve delays 15 weeks on FOIA request. Bank Beat: Looking at mergers, sanctions double talk as UN Obfuscates Lack of Debt Relief for Somalia, Eritrea, Sudan, Censors. UN - Global: UN Blames Its Lack of Freedom of Info on Unnamed States, FUNCA Presses. Enviro: For People's Climate March, UN a Backdrop for Corporations, illUmiNations. Bronx: Mother of Ramarley Graham speaks.

9/15/14 -- CRA: Moves by BB&T in Kentucky and Texas, JPMorgan Chase slips the bit in the UNGA. Federal Reserve's Tarullo talks tough, but what? Bank Beat: ICP Asks IMF of Sovereign Debt, It Says Contractual and Market Based on Hold Outs.
UN - Global: In CAR, UN to Use Copters of Sri Lanka, Under UN Probe for 2009 War Crimes. Enviro: Northern Indiana blues. Bronx: Memorial for Bradley Ballard, died in Rikers a year ago

9/8/14 -- CRA: First comments on CIT - OneWest. Federal Reserve withholding basic information. Bank Beat: NYT this week, ICP reported last March, Evans Bank under redlining probe. UN - Global: Amid Darfur Qs, UN Slated to Move Chambas to Djinnit's Dakar Post. Enviro: Malaysia bans EJ activist. Bronx: Shawn Carter / Gilman International Scholarships, including to Morocco

9/1/14 -- CRA: UN Review of US on Race Includes Redlining, Foreclosures & Stand Your Ground. Federal Reserve withholds CRA Plan of CIT & OneWest. Bank Beat: On Valley National, OCC Admits Error, Hides All CRA. UN - Global: In Golan, UNSC Cites "SC-Designated" & Armed Groups, Here's Quneitra Names. Enviro: Abuses in fish industry. Bronx: In memory of James Foley

8/25/14 -- CRA: Settlement on the cheap by Bank of America, untransparent. Federal Reserve moves to repeal Unfair or Deceptive Acts or Practices regulation. Bank Beat: Mergers in Alabama and Ohio. UN - Global: In Central African Republic French Soldiers Kill Five, In NY UN Has No Info, Ladsous Redux. More here on Beacon Reader. Enviro: Syngenta documents withheld. Bronx: Photojournalist comes to town

8/18/14 - CRA: On Valley National, FOIA Games of OCC Continue. Federal Reserve's Fischer Talks Great Recession, No Mention of Subprime or Citi. Bank Beat: Federal Home Loan Banks in Seattle and Des Moines Talk Merger, But What About Public Participation? UN - Global: In Iraq, Turning from Sinjar to Anbar or Accepting Islamic State? Enviro: Avenal Power Shot Down by 9th Circuit. Bronx: NYC Protest of Missouri Police Abuse Closes 42nd Street, "Don't Shoot"

8/11/14 -- CRA: As Valley National Bank Redlines, OCC's Runaround on FOIA, Captured. Federal Reserve Accept Bank of America “fix” of incorrect data: Why not geocode for predatory lending settlement? Bank Beat: BancorpSouth withdraws after FFW protest. UN - Global: On Iraq, Obama Set to "Play Some Offense," ICP on Who Else May Play. Enviro: EJ with tribes. Bronx: Ghana Day in Crotona Park

8/4/14 -- CRA: On Valley National , OCC evades on FOIA, appeal by ICP. Federal Reserve and official corruption. Bank Beat: CIT wants OneWest, its disparate record. UN - Global: UNGA Schedule Has Ukraine & Egypt, Mugabe & Sri Lanka, Abbas & Kiir. Enviro: People's Climate March. Bronx: Bradley Ballard's death in isolation on Rikers Island.

7/28/14 -- CRA: Valley National tries to withhold information, ICP challenges under FOIA to OCC. Federal Reserve superseded on HMDA by CFPB, but where's small business data. Bank Beat: CIT - OneWest needs scrutiny. On Gaza, IMF Tells ICP That PA Needs Help, Israel GDP Down 0.2%. UN - Global: After Ban's Qatar-Funded Plane, UN Won't Say How Got to Iraq, Last 10 Trips. Enviro: EPA on risky chemical facilities. Bronx: High unemployment, Queens too.

7/21/14 -- CRA: Now JPMorganChase's Dimon muses of cutting FHA mortgages. Federal Reserve doesn't update on mergers. Bank Beat: DOJ's Citigroup settlement did let Jack Lew and Geithner off the hook. UN - Global: Ban's Trip Starts in Qatar, No Gaza, UN Won't Confirm Qatari Plane. Enviro: Cities and sustainability as app. Bronx: Police killing of Eric Garner echoes Anthony Baez

7/14/14 -- CRA: Will Citigroup predatory lending settlement do anything for victims? General Electric's discrimination. Federal Reserve deputy Fischer talks reform, without mentioning subprime. Bank Beat: Resolving door, EU edition, per Deutsche Bank. On Mali, IMF Suspends after IBK Plane Buy, UN Partners on Crime. UN - Global: UNSC Statement Issued, Palestine Says More If Israel Doesn't Stop. Enviro: Arsenic in Cali. Bronx: NYC's anti-grafitti program, does it have a carve-out?

7/7/14 -- CRA: Valley National Bank wanted June 30 approval, but OCC didn't even rule on FOIA until July 2; ICP's appealed. Federal Reserve's Yellen Praised by Lagarde , After IMF Urged Fed to Communicate More, FOIA Qs. Bank Beat: IMF Praises French Banks, Silent on BNP's Sudan Violations. UN - Global: On DRC, UN Misleads Then Withholds Info on Flying FDLR Leader, more here. Enviro: Ohio against injection wells. Bronx: Art$ and the Celia Cruz High School of Music

6/30/14 -- CRA: Even Rent Freeze Undermine by M&T. Federal Reserve Belatedly Fines Regions. Bank Beat: Umpqua closing 27 branches: Action Plan? UN - Global: As UN Ladsous Stonewalls on Flying FDLR Leader, Kobler Silent Too. Enviro: New Mexico burning. Bronx: MetroNorth Redlining Continues

6/23/14 -- CRA: SunTrust fined for mortgage abuse. Federal Reserve and banking for the youth, the very young. Bank Beat: M&T laundered money for drug gangs in Baltimore. IMF Warns of Romania Fiscal Gap, Heads to Ukraine June 24.UN - Global: Alongside Ban Ki-moon's Syria Speech, ISIS on Border, Haiti Cholera Papers Dodged. Enviro: Bill to study asthma. Bronx: Rent freeze?

6/16/14 -- CRA: Third comment on Valley National, failed branch test. Federal Reserve governor Tarullo cites merger factors, generally. Bank Beat: Connecticut games of Patterson, Bankwell aims to buy Quinnipiac, Slash and Burn Banking? UN - Global: UN Tells ICP Baghdad Is Safe, Silent on Call to Distribute Weapons. Enviro: New coal plant and depot in Wasco, California. Bronx: Amid NYC Foreclosure Wave by Mega-Banks, Valley National Redlines The Bronx

6/9/14 -- CRA: Valley National Bank is a redliner, in New York and elsewhere. Federal Reserve: Change in Bank Control Act test case. Bank Beat: BNP Paribas violated sanctions on Sudan while Paris accused Khartoum of genocide: T-TIP? UN - Global: After UN Eviction of News Agency of Nigeria, UN Tells the Free UN Coalition for Access It Can Return. Enviro: Troy NY on the move. Bronx: State Sen. Klein petitioned on DREAM Act

6/2/14 -- CRA: As Providence RI Sues Santander, Wider Disparities Noted. Federal Reserve Gets Protest of Midland Change in Bank Control Act filing. Bank Beat: BNP Paribas gamed Sudan sanctions, now defended in France: Mistral, anyone? UN - Global: On Rapes & Drones, Ladsous Refusal to Answer Implicates UN Spox & Scribes. Enviro: Cali comment period extended. Bronx: Hotel gentrification?

5/26/14 -- CRA: First timely comment on the application by Valley National Bank to acquire 1st United Bank. Federal Reserve's crocodile tears about housing. Bank Beat: IMF Answers ICP on Serbia, Says Talking with Bosnia & Yemen. UN - Global: Press & Public Banned from UN Communications Group, Accreditation Mulled, Free UN Coalition for Access (FUNCA) Objects. Enviro: Detroit and demolitions. Bronx: Show about ownership of land benefiting the few

5/19/14 -- CRA: As US Bank Gets Rubber-Stamp to Buy & Close Royal Bank of Scotland Branches, FOIA Pends. Federal Reserve: Down to three Governors? Bank Beat: Deals we're looking at. UN - Global: On “UN” Copter in Ukraine, UN Tells ICP Kyiv Contacted by UN Peacekeeping - more on Beacon Reader here. Enviro: Petroleum coal in Chicago. Bronx: Bobby Sanabria at City Lore

5/12/14 -- CRA: As Valley National eyes Florida, ignores people of color in tri-state? Federal Reserve: Must deal with lawless Mercantile. Bank Beat: IMF Positions on Bosnia & Ghana, Would Talk Opposition, Western Sahara No Answer. UN - Global: After 2 Convictions for 130 Minova Rapes, UN Says Trials Were Enough. Enviro: Study by EJHA, CEG, and Coming Clean. Bronx: World Film Cycle with Video-poems.

5/5/14 -- CRA: On US Bank, FOIA Appeal, and appeal for info on predatory investment in hedge funds. Federal Reserve's Yellen at Nerdprom, Umpqua not so much. Bank Beat: On Ukraine, IMF Will "Take Stock" Of Keeping In Crimea Data- "Until Recognition;" Hudson City's Plan B. UN - Global: On Syria, If Morjane Replaces Brahimi, Ben Ali Crony'd Seek Assad's Ouster. Enviro: Gina McCarthy's pitch. Bronx: Week, schedule

4/28/14 -- CRA: US Bank would close 13 of Royal Bank of Scotland's branches, ICP learns through Freedom of Information Act request, and comments. Federal Reserve asks Old National about public benefit, but bank delays response. Bank Beat: Mercantile CEO lashes out again. UN - Global: As Ethiopia Jails Bloggers, US Talks Free Press Elsewhere, Files Risen Brief. Enviro: Chevron, heavy oil and tar sands. Bronx: Question on City Island Don Coqui

4/21/14 -- CRA: Fight with HMDA Rogue Mercantile in Michigan by ICP. Federal Reserve get ICP's Request for Reconsideration on Umpqua. Bank Beat: Bahrain merger on horizon. UN - Global: On Western Sahara, Outgoing French PR Gerard Araud's "Word" Belied by Acts in 2011 & 2010 MINURSO Renewals. Enviro: Garcia from NY to EPA and onward. Bronx: US Postal Service disparate impact discrimination

4/14/14 -- CRA: Protests to three BancorpSouth proposals, as Federal Reserve delays information 2 weeks. Bank Beat: Mercantile of Michigan is a rogue on HMDA. UN - Global: Week After Burundi Cable on Arming Young, SC Press Statement, What Action? Enviro: Comments for safer chemicals. Bronx: Style Wars revisited

4/7/14 -- CRA: In 2013 Disparities Continued at Citi, Chase, BofA & Wells as Fed Lax on M&T, US Bank & Smaller. Federal Reserve Order on Umpqua. Bank Beat: Royal Bank of Scotland products dropped? UN - Global: On Syria, Kessab Issues Hits LA & DC, UNSC Delay, Why Not Kardashian Arria, more here on Beacon Reader. Environmental Justice issues of moving auto business to Bronx, Hunts Point fights back?

3/31/14 -- CRA: Royal Bank of Scotland Sale of 93 Branches to US Bank Stalled, Info Withheld, CRA Protests. Federal Reserve: HSBC and Santander can't move dividends out of US. Bank Beat: Sumitomo Mitsui on the prowl? UN - Global: On Ukraine, IMF Answers ICP on Gas Price 50% Rise, Citing Kyiv. Enviro: Lawsuit against Kinder Morgan. Bronx: Rights Applied to NY City Council, Haiti Cholera Test, Bronx Scores Low

3/24/14 -- CRA: Payday lending hearing moved to Country Music Hall of Fame. Federal Reserve hits new low on M&T. Bank Beat: Old National WARN Act layoffs. UN - Global: In Ukraine, List of Parties UN's Ban Met Still UNdisclosed, Visa Ban. Enviro: Lead paint in Sri Lanka. Bronx: Sad memorial of Happy Land Social Club fire

3/17/14 -- CRA: Umpqua Bank commits to commit: but will Federal Reserve make it public? Bank Beat: On Ukraine, IMF Defers Most Press Questions While Mission “In Field,” Insiders? Evans Bank NA under scrutiny. UN - Global: Of French Mistrals to Russia, US Urges Restraint on Sale, Of Mayotte Analogy. Enviro: North Dakota crude halted in Albany. Bronx: Hearken back to occupations of Lincoln Hospital.

3/10/14 -- CRA: New M&T comment based on 2013 HMDA LAR filed by ICP. Federal Reserve: Parading big banks as experts? Bank Beat: M&T CEO Wilmers faces pay cut, still too high. UN - Global: In South Sudan, UN Admits "Error" of Trucks of Guns by Road, Haiti Cholera. Enviro: Gina McCarthy offers defense. Bronx: Waterfront games

3/3/2014 -- CRA: State Bank in North Dakota, maybe Montana; UK looks at CRA. Federal Reserve says no jurisdiction over Bitcoin. Bank Beat: Ocwen affiliates under scrutiny in NY. UN - Global: Myanmar Invited for UN Peacekeeping by Nambiar, UN Silent on Law (for ICP's Ukraine coverage, click here). Enviro: Ellison and Grijalva want EJ in Climate Action Plan. Bronx: Sushi shootout on 187th Street.

2/24/14 -- CRA: US Bank - Royal Bank of Scotland, 3d comment. Umpqua responds again, Mercantile is in denial, CFO Christmas in February. Federal Reserve by not commenting, enables? Bank Beat: Huntington spins Ohio branch closing to OCC. UN - Global: In Ukraine, Yanukovych Heads East, Putin - Obama Talk, Hagel Gets His Call. Enviro: GSA quashes probe in Buffalo, where we look at M&T: CRA & EJ. Bronx: Cheap tricks by Paris politician cited

2/17/14 -- CRA: Now Mercantile Bank Grilled by FDIC. Federal Reserve is asked to focus on regulating banks: how 'bout mergers? Bank Beat: M&T to close 10 branches. UN - Global: On FSA Child Soldiers, Amos Says Use Leverage, US Left UNanswered, Until Now. Enviro: Protest in San Antonio old Kelly AFP. Bronx: Mayor at Sanitation Garage

2/10/14 -- CRA: Second Comment on US Bank - Royal Bank of Scotland. Federal Reserve: Third questions to Umpqua - Sterling. Bank Beat: Kearny into Brooklyn? UN - Global: On Nuland & Feltman, UN Tells ICP It Might Be a Third Jeff, Or Geoff Pyatt. Enviro: Crude oil in Albany. Bronx: Tale of two, charter school defense and Osborne Association

2/3/14 -- CRA: Predators return, First Franklin founder is back. Federal Reserve asks Umpqua which branches it would close. Bank Beat: Mercantile says "progress" on acquisition of Firstbank, how? UN - Global: Deal On Rwanda Genocide Description Voted 15-0, US Policy UNexplained; Longer form here. Enviro: Mission Critical at Bowdoin. Bronx: Inaugurations, fundraises, State of the Boro / Union

1/27/14 -- CRA: Stegman Says Obama Wants To Repeal Affordable Housing Goals; First Franklin Andy Pollock is back. Federal Reserve, are they watching off-shore leaks? Bank Beat: Old National's response to ICP/Fair Finance Watch. UN - Global: Syria Represented by Ja'afari in Geneva, Annan to Iran After Ban Disinvitation. Enviro: Chevron in Richmond, Cali. Bronx: FOX's the following gums up Belmont.

1/20/14 -- CRA: Here's why press for disclosure of branch closings before a merger. Federal Reserve puts questions to Umpqua after ICP protest. Bank Beat: ICP comments on Old National. UN - Global: On Mali Gang Rapes, Chad Tells UN Probe's Finished, But Not Result: Longer form, with Video link, here via Beacon Reader Enviro: Abuses in Bangladesh's shrimp industry. Bronx: Metro-North redlines; sale of General Post Office?

1/13/14 -- CRA: As US Bank Eyes 94 branches from RBS Citizens Charter One, ICP asks how many would close? Federal Reserve should answer on Huntington. Bank Beat: Old National eyes Michigan despite Indiana record. UN - Global: Khobragade "On Watchlist," But US Let French Dip Serman Return as Consul; UN Says Truck in Anti-Kagame Convoy "Taken Over" - But Jeep in Video? Enviro: West Virginia chemical spill. Bronx: no housing, just Red Lobster

1/6/14 -- CRA: Now Mercantile Bank is sued for discrimination, 3 get Needs to Improve from FDIC. Federal Reserve recruits new DCCA chief: groups should play role. Bank Beat: South Sudan plays hard ball. UN - Global: For South Sudan, Ladsous Cited Troops from Haiti, UN Wouldn't Answer, Morocco Follow Ups. Enviro: TPP would undercut protections. Bronx: De Blasio, Farina and Mark-Viverito

12/30/13 -- CRA: Enforcement against PNC, Ocwen and Ally; industry talk. Federal Reserve conditions on United VCB. Bank Beat: Rockville discloses which branches it would close, a long mile. UN - Global: On Killers Armed from Kiir's Armory, UN's Johnson Says It Was Broken Into. Enviro: Ex dry cleaner with tetrachloroethene (PCE). Bronx: Representing at NYC inauguration

12/23/13 -- CRA: After ICP protest, Huntington-Advantage "re-publish," comment to Jan 8. Federal Reserve vice chair from Citigroup? Bank Beat: FIG Partners on Mercantile, listening to management. UN - Global: In South Sudan As Civilians Threatened in Yuai, UN Evacuates Troops, No Briefings, FUNCA protests. Enviro: Critique of Obama climate plan. Bronx: Bloomberg brags about hot-sheet motels?

12/16/13 -- CRA: Mercantile Bank asks borrowers of color for letters. Federal Reserve reviews FirstBank merger application. Bank Beat: Old National closes branches, flies under Dodd Frank. UN - Global: In Mali, UN Peacekeepers Guarding Bank in Kidal Killed by Car Bomb, Questions for Ladsous. Enviro: Koch in Corpus Christi. Bronx: Abu Dhabi sheik and First Gulf Bank want 153rd Street, tax free bonds

12/9/13 -- CRA: Focus Shifts For Now to Smaller Banks, Federal Reserve Imposes Conditions on Investors Bancorp. Bank Beat: Delay for Mercantile and VCBI. UN - Global: France Says Its Troops in CAR Have No Economic Aspect, Power Agrees. Enviro: From Detroit to Nairobi for UNEP. Bronx: Marchiselli raged against the Machine, RIP

12/3/13 -- CRA: Challenge to Mercantile - FirstBank reported, to SEC. Federal Reserve and Wal-Mart, Green Dot a mark of shame? Bank Beat: United Bancshares hires Sullivan & Cromwell for still delayed Virginia Commerce Bancshares (VCBI) proposal. UN - Global: UN Admits No Mission Has a Claims Commission, Like on Haiti Cholera, No Remedy. Enviro: Disparate Impact survives settlement in Mount Holly case. Bronx: Celebrating brewery, forgeting #AskJPM?

11/25/13 -- CRA: Protest to Talmer's proposal to acquire Michigan Commerce, Bank of Las Vegas, Community Bank of Indiana & Sunrise Bank of Albuquerque. Federal Reserve hears plea from Mercantile Bank, on New Years. Bank Beat: IMF in Sri Lanka Ignoring CHOGM Issues Unanswered, Sudan Ignored. UN - Global: Evading Haiti Cholera Case, UN Won't Confirm Refusing Papers, DRC Reprisals. Enviro: In Warsaw, Amid Dispute on Loss & Damage, Ban Says It's Up to (Some?) States. Bronx: Don Delillo, Martin Scorsese, Herman Wouk, & Theodore Dreiser - but what since?

11/18/13 -- CRA: Challenge to Umpqua bid to buy Sterling, 20% owned by Warburg Pincus where Geithner's going. Federal Reserve withholds Mercantile exhibits, secret calls? Bank Beat: JP Morgan Chase Gets Asked of Predatory Lending & Even Tony Blair, Cancels Q&A. UN - Global: UN Peacekeepers for Syria Floated by Ladsous, Copters to Mali, Rape Stonewall. Enviro: Dry eyes in the city, ophthalmology. Bronx: Friday at Family Dollar

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4/22/13 -- CRA: Laundered buck doesn't stop with M&T's Wilmer. Federal Reserve didn't give documents under rules against ex parte commmunications, FOIA now. Bank Beat: OCC counsel Amy Friend, through revolving door from Promontory. At IMF, S. Sudan on Budget Support, Comoros on Restrictions, BRICS Bank; India Fin Min Chidambaram Tells ICP Obama's IMF Reform Vote Delayed, Will Meet Lew. UN - Global: On Western Sahara, AU Writes to UN, Pushing African View not WW2 Carve Up; France Uses Veto from WW2 to Own UN Peacekeeping, Mention Triggers Threat. Enviro: Tejeda in Buffalo. Bronx: Bill de Blasio in Parkchester, where's Liu & other


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2012: UN: Sri Lanka, VoA: NYCLU   FOIA Finds

Feb. 08 - UN coverage is on, here's the story: Google, Asked at UN About Censorship, Moved to Censor the Questioner, Sources Say - Update - Editorial

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 March 1, 2011 re Libya, Sri Lanka, UN Corruption

Top 10 '07 UN Stories

Reuters AlertNet 8/17/07

Reuters AlertNet 7/14/07 Video (new)

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