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11/27/23 -- CRA: Challenged to Burke & Herbert on Summit Is Deemed Protest by FDIC despite Bogus Reply. Federal Reserve Watch: Fed Dropped CRA Condition on Linkbancorp Approval after Posting Now Governors Not Told. Bank Beat: CZ of Binance Could Skip Bail and Sentencing in UAE DOJ Argues in Appealing His Bond. UN - Global: Eager to Purge the Internet of Anti UN Info USG Melissa Fleming Polls Staff on Hate Speech. Enviro: Hot air in Antarctica. Bronx / Legal: Video of NYPD Punching Bronx Felon Filed Along With Bond Request in SDNY

11/20/23 -- CRA: Response by Burke & Herbert on Summit Merger Ignores FDIC Conditioning Linkbank. Federal Reserve Watch: Fed Dropped CRA Condition on Linkbankcorp Approval After Posting or Even Voting On It. Bank Beat: Terraform Labs SEC Case Moves Toward Trial with Experts Grilled and Howey Briefing. UN - Global: On Gaza UN Guterres Cares Only for Himself in CNN Self Justification Dismissing Yemen Death. Enviro: In COP28 Run-Up UAE's Adnoc is flaring. Bronx / Legal: For Burnt Bronx Smoke Shop Man Gets SDNY Plea to Marijuana Possession, Halfway House

11/13/23 -- CRA: Peoples Security Bank & Trust FNCB merger hit on lending disparities. Federal Reserve Watch: Who dropped the F-Bomb on climate change protesters? Bank Beat: Late October mergers. UN - Global: On UNRWA Inner City Press Asked UN As ESCWA Staff Complained to SG Now Extended. Enviro: DC EJ. Bronx / Legal: Skyfield Wants Speedy Trial on Bronx Ammo Charge But Week Excluded to Find CJA Lawyer

11/6/23 -- CRA: Atlantic Union CRA Protested on American National Replies 2.4 Disparities Is Fine. Federal Reserve Watch: Loosening Oversight of Citigroup. Bank Beat: Bankman-Fried Guilty on All 7 Counts in FTX Trial Inner City Press Live Tweeted Now New Book, "Crypto Criminal." UN - GlobalFailing on Gaza Guterres' UN Wastes Public Money on CulturePulse Creating AI Clones. Enviro: Sri Lanka cancels practices in New Delhi. Bronx / Legal: Charged With Shooting 13 Times in Bronx Housing Project Allen is Detained in SDNY

10/30/23 -- CRA: Challenge to Burke & Herbert Summit Merger After Linkbank Conditioned by FDIC. Federal Reserve Watch: As CRA Rule Launched by Ameris Pre DOJ Deal Was Protested But Merger Rubber Stamped. Bank Beat: Bankman-Fried Says He Wanted to Impact the World But Surprised by $8 Billion Hole. UN - Global: On Gaza in UNGA Canada Amendment Fails So No Hamas as Bob Rae Blocks Press as Guterres. Enviro: Oklahoma chicken pollution court case. Bronx / Legal: Shooting of Baby in The Bronx Resulted in 2 Arrests, Now Renewed Bid for Bail Set Nov 1

10/23/23 -- CRA: Linkbankcorp Bid To Buy Partners Bancorp Conditioned by FDIC Now Linkbank Spins; ABA. Federal Reserve Watch: What does Linkbank know? Bank Beat: In Bankman-Fried Trial Can Sun in from Japan with NPA Says He Was Shocked Crypto Creeps. UN - Global: Amid Gaza UNSC Fails under Brazil Blocking Press on X US Veto UK and Russia Abstain. Enviro: Pollution at Teterboro into which SBF flew. Bronx / Legal: NYPD Officer Arrested For Kilo Fentanyl Sale Plan Is Released on $100,000 Bond to Her Bronx Home

10/16/23 -- CRA: Bank application by bunq, fined for using (only) AI for anti-money laudering, is bunk. Federal Reserve Watch: Governor Bowman in Morocco. Bank Beat: Bankman-Fried Trial Trabucco On Signal on Final Day While BlockFi Cries Crypto Creeps UN - Global: On Gaza UNSG Guterres Fake Tears for Media While Banning Press on Hold with Jake Sullivan Enviro: Bid to stop idling. Bronx / Legal: Man Convicted of Murder and Conspiracy To Kill Federal Witnesses Now Faces Life Sentence

10/9/23 -- CRA: Link Bank Bid To Buy Partners Bancorp Was Hit by Fair Finance Watch Now Plan Required. Federal Reserve Watch: Oct 6 No-Show on CRA, Instead Another Reg. Bank Beat: Bankman-Fried Exposed By Math Camp Gary While Everdell Caught in Loop. UN - Global: Amid Gaza Israel UN PGA Silent Qatar Saudi Funds with Fake Minister as Adviser, Press Ban. Enviro: Alabama brownfields. Bronx / Legal: Man Arrested in Bronx House with 50 Pounds of Fentanyl Was Freed But No Passport at Deadline

10/2/23 -- CRA: Deutsche Bank Fined for Greenwashing Scam, Next Should Be Fine for False CRA Claims. Federal Reserve Watch: CRA reg to belatedly be released on Oct 6?  Bank Beat: Bankman-Fried Wants to Stop Ukraine Victim of FTX from Testifying Remotely. UN - Global: UN PGA Adviser Is FM of Fake Country Monte de Agrella as Corruption Worsens Press Banned. Enviro: Lawsuit in the UK. Bronx / Legal: After Fentanyl Death in Bronx Day Care 4th Man Arrested in California on SDNY Charge

9/25/23 -- CRA: Challenge to Atlantic Union - American National Proposed Merger on Loan Disparities. Federal Reserve wants to hear more from banks, Gov. Bowman says in Colorado. Bank Beat: Bankman-Fried Bid for Experts Thomas Bishop and Brian Kim at Trial Denied under Rule 16. UN - Global: At UNGA India and Pakistan Clash as Iran Trashes Israel and Japan the Solomon Islands. Enviro: Oil Exec from UAE Running COP28 Draws Bots on X Like Wider UN of Guterres Censors. Bronx / Legal: After Fentanyl Death of 1-Year Old in Bronx Day Care 2 Are Detained in SDNY, 1 on Lam

9/18/23 -- CRA: Citigroup is protested, and pushes back, physically. Federal Reserve Watch: SDNY case set for December. Bank Beat: Bankman-Fried Bid to Ask Jurors About Effective Altruism on Oct 3 Opposed by Prosecutors. UN - Global: By UNGA Burmese Vainly Asks Credentials for Kyaw Moe Tun But China on UN Committee. Enviro: Citi madness. Bronx / Legal: Bronx Drug Case Expanded To Cover A Murder so Beltran Trial in SDNY, CI Was Deactivated

9/11/23 -- CRA: Schwab Moved Bank and CRA Duty to Desert SW After TD Ameritrade Buy, Now Challenge. Federal Reserve Watch: Another approval, this time application from 2004? Bank Beat: FTX Ryan Salame Pleads Guilty to Campaign Finance Charges that DOJ Let SBF Avoid. UN - Global: UN Guterres Flies and Lies With China's Li about Reform while Banning Press from UNGA. Enviro: Pollution hidden at G20. Bronx / Legal: Kai Johnson For Murder of 2 In The Bronx Pled Guilty Now US Attorney Asks for 40 Years: #EndlessSentences

9/4/23 -- CRA: Link Bank Bid To Buy Partners Bancorp On the Ocean Rebound has More Fed CRA Questions. Federal Reserve Watch: Fed inaction on JPM Chase's enabling of Epstein. Bank Beat: Bankman-Fried Given to Friday to Ask Postpone Trial & Sept 5 Report on Laptop & Net Use. UN - Global: Amid Gabon Coup New UNGA Speakers List Still Lists Their Head of State on Sept 21; Albania Takes Over UNSC For Sept Hoxha Virtue Signals While Refusing Press Questions. Enviro: Disparate pollution. Bronx / Legal: As Man Who Fired 11 Shots At Bronx Nightclub Gets 87 Months Screaming in the Courtroom, #EndlessSentences

8/28/23 -- CRA: Lakeland Bank DOJ Deal Left Disparities in NY So Protest now Fed Asks of DOJ Settlement. Federal Reserve Watch: PacWest application of Banc of California filed sans JPM Chase, a litmus test. Bank Beat: US Sued Javice For Fooling JPM Chase Now Judge Wants Bank and Docs in Court Sept 26. UN - Global: UN Guterres on His 3 Week Vacation Protested Fez Coverage While Dujarric Refuses Press Qs. Enviro: Chad is most polluted country. Bronx / Legal: Bronx Bodega Robbery in May Yields Murder Charge against Rodney Spratley Now in SDNY

8/21/23 -- CRA: Credit Union Associations Demand Stay of CFPB 1071 Rule As They Also Move to Merge. Federal Reserve Watch: Farmington Bank Belatedly Shut By Fed as SBF Jailed FOIA Appeal for Crypto Creeps Sequel. Bank Beat: Bankman-Fried Wants Internet in Courthouse 5 Days a Week Until October. UN - Global: Past UN Official Stelzer Replies on Suspension from Anti Corruption Group UNlike SG Guterres. Enviro: Pollution in Venezuela. Bronx / Legal: NYPD Gina Mestre Helped Gang Murderer Evade Capture Now Bailed to Her Ex NYPD Boyfriend

8/14/23 -- CRA: Banks Downgraded as Regulators Encourage Mergers But Link Bid To Buy Partners is Litmus. Federal Reserve Watch amid belated focus on crypto, SFB detained. Bank Beat: Sam Bankman-Fried Bail Revoked So Jailed As US Claims Can't Pursue Campaign Finance Charges. UN - Global: Amid Aid Blockades UN Guterres Canned Statements Are All Skau Offers Lachin as Niger. Enviro: Jakarta pollution. Bronx / Legal: Bronx Defendant Got 35 Years In Case with Rap Lyrics Quoted Now Co-D Asks Less than 42 Months

8/7/23 -- CRA: ABA Demands Stay of CFPB 1071 Rule As Regulators Triggered PacWest Merger Proposal. Federal Reserve Watch: Link Bank Bid To Buy Partners Bancorp On the OceanFirst Rebound has Belated Fed CRA Questions. Bank Beat: JPM Chase Was Fooled by Frank Founder Now Indicted Javice Opposes Adjournment to September. UN - Global: Amid Niger Coup UN Guterres Crony Louise Aubin still MIA while Press Banned from Santos. Enviro: No swimming in Paris' Seine. Bronx / Legal: On Man Indicted for Armed Robbery of Bronx Dunkin Donut Release Order Now Reversed

7/31/23 -- CRA: Regulatory Double Talk Triggers PacWest Merger Proposal Like Link Bank Doomed Bid. Federal Reserve Watch: Belated fine of USB / CS for deals with Archegos. Bank Beat: Bill Hwang of Archegos wants to subpoena CS, GS, Others. UN - Global: Amid Niger Coup UN Guterres Crony Louise Aubin Out of Country, UN No Talks with Army. Enviro: A/C rules in Italy, EU. Bronx / Legal: Spiegelman Cannot Go to Russia to Renounce US Citizenship, Fled Bronx Houseway House

7/24/23 -- CRA: Link Bank In Bid To Buy Partners Bancorp On the Ocean Rebound Misrepresented to FDIC. Federal Reserve Watch: Bowman's bid for safe harbor ignores Quonic and the law. Bank Beat: Bankman-Fried Summoned to SDNY July 26 on Bail Conditions, Inner City Press Filed to Unseal. UN - Global: UN Guterres Conducts Scam  Survey on Sex Abuse As Covers It Up and Banning Press. Enviro: Sadiq Khan's smoky London. Bronx / Legal: NYPD Sergeant Adrian DeJesus Beat a Prisoner in Central Booking Now Gets No Jail Time

7/17/23 -- CRA: Link Bank Bid To Buy Partners Bancorp On the Ocean Rebound Protested, Inaction on Bad Exam. Federal Reserve Watch: Kids' gloves on Capital One, BofA. Bank Beat: Bankman-Fried Wants Cell Search Waived for Sealed List So Inner City Press Files to Unseal. UN - Global: IMF Concerned at Kenya Protests, IMF Spox Tells Inner City Press While UN Refuses to Answer, Corrupt. Enviro: EJ in Iraq. Bronx / Legal: For Two Bronx Molotov Cocktails Bangladeshi Pled Got 72 Months Now Mendez Gets 27

7/10/23 -- CRA: Oakwood Bank Was Protested on MapleMark Bank Merger Now Both Downgraded on CRA. Federal Reserve Watch: FRBP blew off Fair Finance Watch complaints on Quontic - now corrective action order. Bank Beat: Zilberberg Fraud Trial Cites FDIC Exam of Park Avenue Bank and TARP Subpoena. UN - Global: 2d Leak About UN Rape in War Office Shows Patten Stealing VIP Treats for Son on Vacation. Enviro: Toxic foam in Brazil: Bronx / Legal: Violent Assault in SDNY Cell Block Inner City Press Reported now Confirmed but Video Sealed

7/3/23 - CRA: Link Bank Bid To Buy Partners Bancorp On the Ocean Rebound Evasively Answers on Lehman. Federal Reserve Watch: Stress Test strafes US Bancorp and Truist. Bank Beat: Meadow Bribed Cooperator For Insider Trading Info off Morgan Stanley Girlfriend's Laptop so SDNY Indictment. UN - Global: UN Staff Arrested Smuggling Cocaine After UNTSO Van Sex Exposed by Inner City Press. Enviro: Just Stop Oil sits down in front of Coca-Cola in London. Bronx / Legal: Shooting at Police in The Bronx was Federalized As Felon in Possession now Gomez SDNY Fight

6/26/23 -- CRA: Key Bank Amid Data Breach Lawsuits Brags of Goodwill Grant As Engages In Disparate Loans. Federal Reserve Watch: If Kugler can recuse when conflicted, why don't the other Governors? Bank Beat: JPM Chase Fooled by Frank Founder Free on $2M Bond now US Intervenes & Stays SEC Case. UN - Global: Amid UN Press Freedom Claims Application by Inner City Press to Enter Will Be Litmus Test. Enviro: London surcharges. Bronx / Legal: Man Who Pled to Bronx Armed Robberies Was Arrested in Maine and Now Detained in SDNY

6/19/23 -- CRA: Link Bank Bid To Buy Partners Bancorp On the Ocean Rebound Has Nameless CRA Answers. Federal Reserve Watch: Requests for access to Reserve Bank master accounts from WY - & London. Bank Beat: In Goldman Sachs Trial for Insider Trading Goel Took the Stand So Now to Answer Subpoena. UN - Global: As UN Guterres Bans Press He Bloviates About Disinformation Launching Empty Policy Briefs. Enviro: Pollution in Minneapolis. Bronx / Legal: Drowning in Spuyten Duyvil in The Bronx Triggers SDNY Discovery Dispute on Bridge

6/12/23 -- CRA: Link Bank Bid To Buy Partners Bancorp On the Ocean Rebound Has CRA Contemptuous Response, Inner City Press Replies. Federal Reserve Governor Jefferson on Basel III. Bank Beat: On Tunisia IMF Tells Inner City Press It Stands Ready as President Kais Saied Slams IMF Recipes. UN - Global: UN Guterres Covers Up Rapes in DRC and Haiti While Bragging of Sending 11 Tanzanian Home. Enviro: Amid Environmental Claims by Administration Bank Regulators Ignore Pollution on Mergers. Bronx / Legal: Drowning in Spuyten Dyuvil in The Bronx Triggers SDNY Discovery Dispute on Bridge

6/5/23 -- CRA: First Republic Given to JPM Chase amid Dimon Epstein Link now Closes 21 Branches Cites Cars. Federal Reserve: Bowman Does Boston. Bank Beat: In Epstein Case JPM Chase Opposed Class Cert Amid Jamie Dimon Deposition Transcript Here. UN - Global: After Inner City Press Scoop on UNTSO Sex in UN Van Haq Lies To AFP About Accountability. Enviro: Most Polluted Countries. Bronx / Legal: Joshua Rodriguez on Trial For Murder of Rival Dealer Scrolls Through Rap Videos Used Against Him

5/29/23 -- CRA: After SBA Fraud Trial of Shin Noah Bank Got Bank of Princeton To Buy It Despite Ongoing Issues. Federal Reserve: Waller Watch. Bank Beat: In Epstein Case JP Morgan Chase Argues against Class Certification Amid Jamie Dimon Deposition. UN - Global: UN Rot Typified by Volker Turk Silent on Uighurs As He Shills for Corporate Donations; To UN Stakeout Ghana Invites Inner City Press But It Is Banned By SG Guterres and Dujarric. Enviro: EJ at bank regulatory agencies? Bronx / Legal: Felon Charged With Gun Near Yankee Stadium OK To Go Pro Per Now Refuses Court and E-mail

5/22/23 -- CRA: Amid Bank Meltdowns Yellen Says Bring on the Mergers But Silent on CRA and Public Input; Oakwood Bank Was Protested on MapleMark Bank Merger Proposal & Withdrew now Interest. Federal Reserve Watch: Gov Bowman tells banks, Call me. Bank Beat: For Enabling Epstein Deutsche Bank to Pay $75M Blood Money, June 1 Fairness Hearing. UN - GlobalUN Fraudster Cary Yan Gets 42 Months As Judge Notes He Bribed Francis Lorenzo. Enviro: Carbon tax - on China? Bronx / Legal: Bronx Cab Driver Shot 7 or 9 Times Testified In Robbery Trial Now Mario Powell Found Guilty

5/15/23 -- CRA: Protest of MBV Leads To Merger Failure and Uncorrected Lies about Activist Investor. Federal Reserve Gov Bowman speaks on bank failure, not a work about public input. Bank Beat: IMF Opposes Crypto as Legal Tender Inner City Press Is Told But Not As Investment, Argentina and Cote d'Ivoire. UN - Global: UN Western Sahara Sex Scandal Ripped Off by Colum Lynch from Inner City Press 2021 Scoop. Enviro: Pollution in NYC subway. Bronx / Legal: Bronx Man Whose Fentanyl Killed 16 Year Old Sex Worker Wanted Bail But Detained in SDNY (with Bronx Park Motel video)

5/8/23 -- CRA: First Republic Given to JPM Chase by FDIC Despite Antitrust and Dimon Epstein Link. Federal Reserve Watch: PacWest on the Ropes with Comerica to Follow Fed Collins on the Board as FRB Says All Good. Bank Beat: Toronto Dominion Bragged 1st Horizon Deal Was On Track Now Collapses Amid Protest. UN - Global: On World Press Freedom Day UN Guterres Lies while Banning Independent Media Exposing Him. Enviro: Ohio and Lake Erie. Bronx / Legal: As Signature Bank Slumlord Portfolio Incl in The Bronx Is Put Up For Sale By Newmark Barney Frank Whited Out

5/1/23 -- CRA: First Republic Searches For Savior But KeyCorp Can't Get a Handout for Disinvestment. Federal Reserve Watch: FRB Downplays Its Failure on SVB As Claims No Review of Signature Crypto But FOIA Scam. Bank Beat: As Goldman Sachs Indicted Insider Trader Goel Nears Trial Barclays Resignation Letter Sought. UN - Global: UN Daniela Bas Hired Relatives & Moonlighted as Life Coach Staff Tell Banned Inner City Press. Enviro: Train derailment in Maine . Bronx / Legal: Man Extradited From Dominican Republic on Bronx Drug Charges Pleads Guilty in SDNY

4/24/23 -- CRA: Key Falls So As US Banks Being Handed Out KeyCorp Can't Get a Handout for Disinvestment. Federal Reserve doesn't think banks' collapse and crypto are urgent concerns, denies expedited FOIA. Bank Beat: For Enabling Epstein Trial vs JPMC Dimon To Be Deposed 7 Hours Including by Staley. UN - Global: Guterres Subject to US FISA Warrant As He Serves CCP Like Police Station EDNY Indicted. Enviro: EJ EO must include toxic pollution. Bronx / Legal: Felon Who Shot Gun 7 Times in Bronx Ordered Free on Bond For Second Time and Signs Out

4/17/23 -- CRA: Prosperity Bank Hit by CRA Challenge to FirstCapital Bank now FDIC Condition Imposed. Federal Reserve Watch: Announced CS approval, nothing on SVB or Signature. Bank Beat: For Enabling Epstein Trial vs  JPMorgan Chase Now USVI Says Bank Long Flagged His Large Withdrawals. UN - Global: Guterres Weak on Ukraine as Deputy Biased on Kenya Leaks Show as USUN Allows Press Ban. Enviro: Philly (Candidate) Dumps on Chester. Bronx / Legal: For Kettling of Bronx George Floyd Protest Trio Sued City now Discovery Delay, Mediation Duo

4/10/23 -- CRA: Federal Reserve Claims No Review of Signature Bank on Crypto or Otherwise So FOIA Appeal Citing Gov Barr on Transparency. Federal Reserve Watch: Double-speak on Wells Fargo. Bank Beat: Bank of America Slams Manipulator Zelenskyy Just As It Partners With UN of Corrupt Guterres. UN - Global: On UNRWA Corruption Inner City Press Asked UN Now Also Damning ESCWA Leaked Email. Enviro: EPA and chemical plants. Bronx / Legal: Big Bronx Landlord Is Sued by Super Under FLSA and Officer Served in Manhattan Lobby

4/3/23 -- CRA: With US Banks Being Handed Out Key Bank Cannot Get a Handout As Key to Disinvestment. Federal Reserve Watch: FRB Claims No Review of Signature Crypto But Here Is Farmington Application FRBSF OKed. Bank Beat: Amid Bank Giveaways 3 Regulators Dodge on the Hill Claiming Transparency Slow in FOIA. UN - Global: As Washington Targets Wrong Portuguese in UN Guterres Grabs Corrupt UNOPS as Bans Press. Enviro: As Stadium still has wind problems. Bronx / Legal: Bronx Man Arrested For PCP in Washington Height Alleged Retaliation But Loses in SDNY Trial

3/27/23 -- CRA: Signature Bank Handed to NYCB Fair Lending Rogue as Barney Frank & Cephas on Board; CRA Protest to Gaming MVB Bank Bid On Hemp Lender West Town Bank Yields More Questions. Federal Reserve Watch: Credit Suisse USB Merger amid Bank Meltdown Preapproved by Fed as Collins on Comerica. Bank Beat: On Tunisia IMF Tells Inner City Press Board Meeting Postponed Citing Inclusiveness; For Enabling Jeffrey Epstein Some Claims Head to SDNY Trial Against JPMC & Deutsche Bank. UN - Global: On Burma Murder Plot With UN Link Htut Wants a Deposition in Myanmar or White Plains; UN Moves from Banning Press in NY to Firing Now Bans Anti-CCP Whistleblower in Geneva. Enviro: Louisiana lawsuit. Bronx / Legal: In Bronx Gang Case Dispute Over Protective Order Citing Threats Triggers SDNY Briefing

3/20/23 -- CRA: OCC Withheld US Bank CEO Letter It Used To Approve Union Bank Merger now Denies Appeal. Federal Reserve Watch: Amid Bank Meltdown Former Fed Collins on Comerica Board Like Signature Frank & Cephas. Bank Beat: For Enabling Jeffrey Epstein JPMorgan Chase Third Party Complaint on Staley FinCEN to be Summoned? UN - Global: Corrupt UNSG Antonio Guterres Gives Top Job at UNDP to Member of Syria Assad Regime. Enviro: Tyson and Cargill polluted Oklahoma. Bronx / Legal: Bronxite Assaulted in Target on 225 Street Sues As Defendant Offers Video But No Motion Filed

3/13/23 -- CRA: First Bank Wanting To Sell to  Credit Union Not Subject to Community Reinvestment Act Draws Protest. Federal Reserve Watch : Fed FOIA Run-Around on Crypto & FTX. Bank Beat: For Enabling Jeffrey Epstein USVI Sued JPM Chase Now Wins Motion for Dimon Discovery. UN - Global: At UN Human Rights Watch Proud of Bahrain Ban But Colludes in UN Ban of Press Litmus Test Failed. Enviro: EPA's soot rule. Bronx / Legal: Man Charged With Robbing Bronx Tax Biz in Dread Locks Wig and Yankee Cap Has April 4 Date

3/6/23 -- CRA: Park National Bank Settled Redlining Case with DOJ As Federal Reserve Rubber Stamps Mergers. Federal Reserve Watch: BMO Harris BNP Got Fed OK Despite Peters Case With Climate Dismissed Now French Suit. Bank Beat: Kevin Chiu Accused of Stealing $2 Million at NYC Bank Gets Free Lawyer & $300,000 Bond. UN - Global: Mozambique as UNSC President Leaves Press Questions Unanswered As Mulls DRC Junket. Enviro: Cancer Alley lawsuit. Bronx /  Legal: For Trafficking Girl from NC to The Bronx Paschal Accusing Officer Headed to Ukraine

2/27/23 -- CRA: NBT Bank Bid To Combines Its Disparities With Salisbury Is a CRA Litmus Test for the OCC. Federal Reserve Watch: FOIA run-around on MVB Bank and crypto. Bank Beat: Man Gets 20 Months for Bank Fraud in SDNY now Cooperator in Texas Money Launder Trial. UN - Global: Year of Ukraine Failure By UN and Guterres Covered Up Now Refugees UNserved. Enviro: Anti-pollution ad rights transferred. Bronx / Legal: Man Whose Brother Cooperated Got Gun Upon Release From Prison Now 2 More Years

2/20/23 -- CRA: OCC Withheld US Bank CEO Letter It Used To Approve Union Bank Merger Now Appeal Filed. Federal Reserve Watch: With Brainard Leaving, Who Will Stand Up to Fast Rubber-Stamping Bowman? Bank Beat: Lakeland Bank DOJ Deal Left Disparities in NY So Protest Now Questions to Provident Here. UN - Global: In Corrupt UN of Guterres UNEP Scams Detailed by Whistleblowers to Inner City Press. Enviro: Train Wreck in Ohio. Bronx / Legal: Teacher Who Filed Police Report After Hit in Head Is Fired by Bronx Urban Assembly and Sues

2/13/23 -- CRA: OCC Withholds US Bank CEO Letter It Used To Approve Union Bank Merger, Corporate Capture. Federal Reserve Watch: Lakeland Bank DOJ Deal Left Disparities in NY So Protest Now Fed Questions to Provident. Bank Beat: Key Bank Amid Data Breach Lawsuits Brags of Grants As Engages In Disparate Loans. UN - Global: On UNRWA Corruption Inner City Press Asks UN and Lazzarini With Photo of Car No Answer. Enviro: Filing with Fed on climate. Bronx / Legal: Man On Trial For Gun In Bronx Home His Wife Let Police Search now Opposes Joint Possession

2/6/23 -- CRA: Protest of Predatory TAB Bank Leads to CRA Downgrade amid Hemp Lender West Town Docs. Federal Reserve back to laxity on Quontic Bank, delegating as on Moonstone / FTX. Bank Beat: Wells Fargo Sued Brooklyn Man to Collect $6M Loan in SDNY Then Sold To BTC Capital. UN - Global: UN Budget Expert Hyassat Loses NY Rape Case By Default As He and UN and USUN No Show. Enviro: Indiana states rights? Bronx / Legal: Man Charged With Armed Robbery of East 180th Street Bodega Is Freed But 10 Blocks Away in SDNY

1/30/23 -- CRA: Lakeland Bank DOJ Deal Left Disparities in NY Now Provident Pitches Tech Musical Chairs. Federal Reserve Watch: Fed Denies Custodia Bank After FTX Wreck As FOIAed on Moonstone Bank by Inner City Press. Bank Beat: In Suit Against Cairo Amman Bank For Hamas Bombing Chart of Transactions Due. UN - Global: In UN Money Murk DSG Lies on Taliban  After SG Guterres Rebuffed Qatar Murder Q at UNCA. Enviro: Administration's truck loophole. Bronx / Legal: For Two Bronx Molotov Cocktails Man From Bangladesh Detained Amid Mendez Sealed Plea

1/23/23 -- CRA: BMO Harris BNP Gets Fed OK Despite Peters Case With Climate and Job Loss Dismissed. Federal Reserve Watch: Dallas Fed's Lori Logan speaks but no question from public. Bank Beat: Guldi on Trial For Defrauding Ditech Financial Hears his Laughing Calls from Jail in Marcy NY. UN - Global: In Corrupt UN of Guterres Libya Post Up for Sale Between UK Adamson and Gluck, Michaud. Enivro: Air tests from London Tube... to NYC? Bronx / Legal: Charged With Christmas Shotgun Robbery Man Is Detained Before Feb 10 Start of Bronx Job

1/16/23 -- CRA: City National Bank Settled Redlining Case with DOJ After Federal Reserve Ignored FFW Proof. Federal Reserve Watch: NY Fed Dissolved TRO to Fire Unvaccinated Staff Now Fed Accuses Lawyer of Contacts. Bank Beat: Zilberberg Bank Fraud Trial Is Delayed With Niece Loan Nearly Excluded, New FDIC Docs. UN - Global: UNSG Guterres Covers Up UN Child Rape in CAR As Fleming Bans Press and Japan Is Told. Enviro: EPA's Texas Step-Back. Bronx / Legal: Bronx Men Charged With Murder and Shooting Appeared En Masse in SDNY Now One More In

1/9/23 -- CRA: Quontic Bank redlining challenged, but is Community Reinvestment Act ignored under Change in Bank Control Act? Federal Reserve protects Quonic by closing comment period. Bank Beat: HSBC Is Sued For Firing Whistleblower Exposing Front Running Sarb Ox Cited; Goldman Sachs Indicted Insider Trader Goel Disputed Audio Now Attacks Subpoenas. UN - Global: Japan as UNSC President Bans Press Questions But Lets In Ghislaine Maxwell Fundraiser. Enviro: Pollution in the Chesapeake Bay. Bronx / Legal: Bronx Shootings on Ryer Avenue Result in Jury Guilty Verdicts Now Pot and Phones in MDC

1/2/23 -- CRA: Lakeland Bank DOJ Deal Left Disparities in NY Glaring Now Provident Let 'em Eat Cake Reply. Federal Reserve let FTX into Moonstone Bank, now when Inner City Press comments on Quontic, Bank's arrogant response. Bank Beat: For Enabling Epstein JPM Chase  & Deutsche Bank Face Trials Now JPM Moves to Dismiss. UN - Global: UN Rubber Stamps Corrupt Budget Stealing US Funds as Guterres and Korosi Ban Press. Enviro:  Pollution in Chicagoland. Bronx / Legal: Men Charged After Wire Tap of Bronx Stash House Still Detained Now One Argues for Bail

12/26/22 -- CRA: Key Bank Amid Data Breach Lawsuits Engages In Disparate Loans Regulators Asleep at Switch. Federal Reserve Watch: On FTX Wreck Federal Reserve FOIAed by on Moonstone Bank & Others By Inner City Press. Bank Beat: Umpqua Bank Evidences Loan Disparities As Ponzi Lawsuit Against It Proceeds in NDCA. UN - Global: UN Says Burkina Faso Has No Right to Oust Guterres Rep Manzi But Guterres Can Ban Press. Enviro: Shell pays blood money in Nigeria. Bronx / Legal: Bronx Men Charged With Murder and Shooting on Video Appear En Masse in SDNY 1 Missing