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5/13/24 -- CRA: Amid Attack on CRA FirstSun HomeStreet Bid Hit on Lending Disparities Now Charter Switch. Federal Reserve Watch: Fed Disappeared CRA Linkbancorp Condition on Approval Now NJ Branches out of CRA. Bank Beat: Republic Bank Failed with Disparate Record FDIC Gave to Fulton Over OZK and Flushing. UN - Global: After UNOPS Corruption Exposed by Inner City Press Vanshelboim UN Appeal June 3 Deadline; After Inner City Press Reports Sierra Leone UN Mission Decay Now Unpaid Lawyers Withdraw. Enviro: Air quality blues. Bronx / Legal: For 2002 Death of Atari Felton in The Bronx Ayala Gets 220 Months After Asked For 60

5/6/24 -- CRA: After Being IDed As Shaky Regional UMB Bank Wants to Buy Heartland But Disparities. Federal Reserve Watch: Gov Bowman says immigrants raise housing prices. Bank Beat: Republic Bank Fails with Disparate Record in PA and NJ Given to Fulton With Narrow CRA. UN - Global: As UN Fails from Gaza to Ukraine and Haiti UNSC Taken Over by Mozambique Bans Press. Enviro: Ash in Lanka. Bronx / Legal: For 2002 Death of Atari Felton in The Bronx Ayala Asks for Five Year Sentence

4/29/24 -- CRA: Capital One Should Discover Merger Dead FRB Extends to May 31 Inner City Press FOIAed Federal Reserve, which delays. Bank Beat: In Trump trial, laxity shown at First Republic - now JPM Chase? UN - Global: In Corrupt UN of Guterres Khare and Pollard Hear Of But Ignore Conflicts of Interest so Press Enviro: 10 most polluted US cities. Bronx / Legal: Bronx Man Charged With Robbing Bodega Had Release Reversed Now Will Not Meet Doctor

4/22/24 -- CRA:Inner City Press tells OCC to comply with FOIA as Federal Reserve extends response on Capital One / Discovery Until After Comment Period. Bank Beat: As Jane Street Sues Millennium Its Request to Seal Courtroom then Request for TRO Denied  UN-Global: UN Corruption in Somalia Detailed by Staff Whistleblower But Guterres Does Nothing. Enviro: TotalEnergies in the spotlight. Bronx / Legal: Felon Detained for Gun in His Bronx Safe Just Wanted to Go Home Now Trial Set for May 13

4/15/24 -- CRA: Lakeland Bank DOJ Deal Left Disparities So Protest Now Federal Reserve Rubber Stamps Provident Merger. Bank Beat: Turkey Halkbank Not Immune 2d Circuit Decided DOJ Wants to Stay and Consolidate Civil Case. UN - Global: UN Corruption UNOPS to Brindisi UNanswered by Fleming Nor Rattray Nor Serpa Soares. Enviro: Constitutional case in New Mexico. Bronx / Legal: After Fentanyl Death in Bronx Daycare New Defendant Amparo Indicted and Detained

4/8/24 -- CRA: Amid Attack on CRA FirstSun HomeStreet Bid Hit on Disparities Now Belated Partial Response. Federal Reserve Watch: Capital One Should Discover Merger Dead As Inner City Press FOIAs Fed Barr Talks Basel 3. Bank Beat: On Crypto Inner City Press at IMF Asks of El Salvador Bitcoin Risk Called Key Element Here. UN - Global: Malta Takes Over UNSC For April No Answer on Gaza or Daphne Despite Press Questions. Enviro: Northrup Gruman in NY. Bronx / Legal: Bronx Man Arrested With Gun Was Indicted in SDNY Now Moving to Dismiss Citing Bruen

4/1/24 -- CRA: Prosperity Bank Hit by CRA Challenge to Lone Star Bank now FDIC Condition Reimposed. Federal Reserve not a single document on Capital One / Discover despite "expedite" FOIA. Bank Beat: FinTech Current Accused of Discrimination Is Sued for Firing Mitura as Cancer Docs Sought. UN - Global: After Mali Demanded UN Peacekeepers Leave SG Antonio Guterres Abandons Local Staff Enviro: Plea from San Diego. Bronx / Legal: 10 Charged With Kidnapping Bronx Minor May Get Co Defendant Meeting in SDNY

3/25/24 -- CRA: FDIC Imposes CRA Condition After Mississippi Bank Merger Challenged by Fair Finance Watch. Federal Reserve Watch: Pushing back compliance dates for new CRA reg. Bank Beat: Capital One Should Discover Merger Dead amid Stealth Application Inner City Press FOIAs Fed. UN - Global: On Gaza US Double Talk Cynical China and Russia Veto as Guyana Wants UNRWA Funds. Enviro: EJ in Austin, Texas. Bronx / Legal: Among 16 Bronxites Indicted in Valentine Ave Drug Case Marcus Loses Appeal VICAR Cited

3/18/24 -- CRA: NYCB Was Gifted Signature Bank Now Otting Cash as CEO by Mnuchin, Thumbs Nose at CRA as at OneWest. Federal Reserve faux crack down on JPM Chase. Bank Beat: On SBF 40 to 50 Years in Prison Sought by US As He Asks 63 Months Crypto Criminal Book. UN - Global: UN Fails Amid Resignation of Henry of Haiti Where UN Took Cholera Japan UNSC Useless. Enviro: Crack down on trucks in Maine. Bronx / Legal: Among 16 Bronxites Indicted in Valentine Ave Drug Case One Appeals Detention But Loses

3/11/24 -- CRA: NYCB Was Gifted Signature Bank Now Otting Made CEO by Mnuchin Thumbing Nose at CRA. Federal Reserve Watch: Gov Bowman concerned mergers too slow (amid Capital One-Discover) Bank Beat: On Bank Failures Inner City Press Asked IMF about CRE & NYCB in Wake of Signature Bank. UN - Global: New Book on Guilty Verdicts of JOH Honduras Ex President Narco Drama by Inner City Press, Still Asks UN about Guterres Backing up JOH's 2d Stolen Election. Enviro: Pollution in Hanoi. Bronx / Legal: After NYCHA Extortion Take Down Johnson Pleads Guilty 1st for $54000 Inner City Press 1st

3/4/24 -- CRA: Capital One Should Discover Merger Dead as FTC Hits Kroger & Inner City Press FOIA pends at Federal Reserve, in denial on Lakeland discrimination. Bank Beat: NYCB Was Gifted Signature Bank Barney Frank and Cephas on Board Now CEO Out. UN - Global: Japan Takes Over UNSC For March No Answer on Gaza or North Korea Despite Press Questions. Enviro: Illinois distrust. Bronx / Legal: Bronx Man Whose Fentanyl Killed 16 Year Old Sex Worker Pleds Guilty Now Asks for 5 Years

2/26/24 -- CRA: Capital One Should Discover Merger Dead CEO Brags to Zombies Inner City Press FOIAs Federal Reserve - while Fed delays response on Provident / Lakeland. Bank Beat: Amid Attack on CRA FirstSun HomeStreet Bid Hit on Lending Disparities and Data Breach. UN - Global: As UN Guterres Covers Terror Role of UNRWA He Bans Inner City Press Which Exposes It. Enviro: East Chicago Blues. Bronx / Legal: In Bronx Killing of Luiz Vargas US Asked 25 Years on Spencer Gets 10 Years and $12,000

2/19/24 -- CRA: As JPMorgan Chase Seeks to Grab More Money in Affluent Areas Fair Finance Watch Protests. Federal Reserve Watch: A Governor's role in ABA lawsuit against CRA? Bank Beat: Zilberberg Guilty of Bank Fraud After TARP Subpoena Shown Now US Wants 4 Years. UN - Global: Amid Gaza Guterres Partied with China State Media Lowest Turnout as UNCA Blocks Press. Enviro: Bangkok pollution. Bronx / Legal: Bronx Conservatory of Music Sued Bronx School of Music Which Won Now Seeking Fees

2/12/24 -- CRA: ABA of Large Banks Sue CRA Reg on Day FNB Settles on Fair Lending after CRA Protest. Bank Beat: Before FNB Settled on Fair Lending Its Yadkin Merger Was Challenged But Federal Reserve Approved It. UN - Global: As UN Guterres Spins Terror Role of UNRWA Taps Colonna to Cover up as Ian Phillips Lies. Enviro: Nigeria Delta pollution. Bronx / Legal: After NYCHA Extortion Take Down Defendants Freed on $50000 Bond Inner City Press Was 1st

2/5/24 -- CRA: As OCC Proposes to End Automatic Approvals It Withheld under FOIA US Bank Letter it Used. Federal Reserve grants Inner City Press expedited FOIA processing on Provident - but no documents. Bank Beat: NYCB Was Gifted Signature Bank Barney Frank and Cephas on Board Now Down 60%, Rogues. UN - Global: Guyana Takes Over UNSC For February But Ukraine Not Mentioned as Press Banned. Enviro: 10 most polluted cities in Africa. Bronx / Legal: For Burnt Bronx Smoke Shop Man Got SDNY Plea to Pot Possession Now Complete Pardon

1/29/24 -- CRA: Redliner Lakeland gets info hidden by Provident so Federal Reserve FOIA by Inner City Press. Bank Beat: Family of Kansan Who Died After Iraq Captivity Sues HSBC with Secret Iran Witness .UN - Global: As UN of Guterres Admits Staff in Terror Attack of Oct 7 OIOS to Cover Up Spox, Ian Phillips Lies Enviro: Canada oil sands. Bronx / Legal: Immigration Lawyer Freed on Bond On Exploiting Violence Against Woman Act Charge

1/22/24 -- CRA: Patriot Bank Settled on Redlining After CRA Satisfactory Rating from Federal Reserve. Federal Reserve Watch: Lakeland Bank DOJ Deal Left Disparities So Protest & Fed Asks of DOJ Settlement Withheld. Bank Beat: US Sued Javice For Fooling JPMC Now Privilege Log by May for Oct 2024 Trial; In OneCoin Case Mark Scott Asks for 5 Years as US Wants 17 More Redactions Amid Appeal. UN - Global: UN PGA Francis Funded Only by China + 8 Heads There with Fake Minister as Adviser; After UNOPS Corruption Exposed by Inner City Press Buck Passing on Vanshelboim UN Appeal. Enviro: Guatemala open-pit gold mining. Bronx / Legal: For Death of Friend by Kennedy Fried Chicken in The Bronx Goodman Gets 12 Years in Prison

1/15/24 -- CRADisparate Hudson Valley Credit Union Wants to Gobble Up a Bank Removing it from CRA. Federal Reserve Watch: Obsessed with supervisory info misappropriators. Bank Bank: For Front Running at Morgan Stanley Passi Gets Deferred Prosecution Agreement Not a Felon; On SEC Bitcoin ETF Inner City Press Asks IMF Which Says It Is Studying also Yemen Impact. UN - Global: UN Censorship Redux as Florencia Soto Nino Takes Public Money To Cover Up Corruption. Enviro: Shell in Nigeria, one down, many to go. Bronx / Legal: Man Indicted for Armed Robbery of Bronx Dunkin Donut Was Detained Now Pleads Guilty

1/8/24 -- CRA: Truist Moving to Close 72 Bank Branches Amid Merger Fallout Covered Up by US Regulators. Federal Reserve Watch: Dallas chair's from Kimberly-Clark. Bank Beat: Netflix BitConned Has Crypto Rat Tripani Bragging Before Time Served, The Bancorp cease & desist, SDNY Review. UN - Global: France Taking Over UNSC For January No Answers UN Peaceeping Rapes Despite Press Questions. Enviro: Only green ships in Norway's fjord. Bronx / Legal: After SDNY Courtroom Sealed To Press Case Defendant Arrested in Bronx Now on Rikers

1/1/24 -- CRA: Old National Bank Bid for CapStar Protested After 2021 Settlement 2022 Lending Disparities. Federal Reserve is on Threads, unlike even the UN. Bank Beat: On SBF Now US Drops 2d Trial on China Bribe & Campaign Finance Charges Bahama$ Gambit. UN - Global: Brazil Ends 2 Years on UNSC Blocking Press on X and Refusing Written Questions on El Pollo. Enviro: The most polluted cities in the world. Bronx / Legal: Bronx Man Who Shot Gun In Air Three Times Is Again Deemed Incompetent So Order Prepped